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About Us

The web-site is a purely altruistic project. It has been thought of and developed by 2 brothers (html designer and a PHP programmer). Their Grandfather was a dementia sufferer which deeply affected both of them. At the time there were no brain training exercises. Eventually these exercises were developed and tested, they showed dramatic results.

Companies started heavy marketing campaigns and capitalized on this "brain training market", this is when the 2 siblings decided that a person's mental health should not have a price tag.

Their goal was to improve the mental health of at least one senior in order to declare their project a success. Overtime the web-site has grown into a community of people that train their brains on a daily basis and improve their quality of life.

Brainpractices pledge:

Exercises found on this page will always remain free. We will not charge a membership fee of any kind, ever. Ads that may be found on the page are used to support the server's hosting and development of features that improve visitor's experience. We will put every effort possible into spreading the word about this web-site, so other people can benefit from vital mental exercises free of charge.

We ask you to join us in our cause and tell your friends and family about this web-site, so they could join our brain training community and improve their quality of life.