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Fitness exercises

Brain Food & How They Strengthen Those Vital Cells

Exercise for health and to increase your mind's fitness levels

Mens sana in corpore sano (Latin - "healthy body in a healthy mind") is taking on a whole new meaning with the latest (2008) scientific discoveries in Neuroscience.

Here are some facts to consider:

- Exercise develops new brain cells (neurons),
- Exercise protects the existing neurons
- Exercise makes you happy

Develops new brain cells

Diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's progress as neurons are lost. Creating new neurons slows down the progression of Parkinson's and protects existing neurons which the disease tries to claim. To achieve an optimal effect you should to include daily mind exercise routines in order to pump new blood for the new born neurons. The exercise and nutrition should also go together, do not starve yourself either.

It is important to emphasize: exercise is one of the only ways of developing actual brand new neurons in your brain, just think about it, your perform an exercise and your brain starts breeding brand new neurons. Just like the one in the picture below. This is quite amazing.

For this reason all of the chess champions perform regular physical exercise in order to stay sharp.

Even the biggest sceptics have started working out to keep their body and mind healthy.

Up to this day scientists are still figuring out the exact reasons why exercise produces such powerful benefits. When scientist crack the code, it might one day be possible to produce those results artificially without having to exercise. Until that day comes you should continue developing those neurons the old fashioned way.

Earlier sceptics suggested that newly created neurons are not related to memory and learning, but rather to body movement, but these claims have since been discredited because latest research shows that Neurons produced (neurogenesis) by the way of physical exercise are located in the hippocampus, part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Protects Existing neurons

Further more, exercising produces good kind of proteins and blocks the bad ones. After the brain sustains an injury it starts to develop a certain type of protein that inhibits development and production of brain cells.

Through exercise people are able to block these bad proteins and successfully produce brain cells that restore cognitive functions. Experiments compared injured brains of individuals that performed physical exercises and those that didn't, individuals that performed the physical exercises showed a much large amount of new neurons and a significantly better regeneration of injured parts of the brain.


During exercise the body releases endorphins, brain's natural drugs that make you feel good. Endorphins have similar characteristics to heroin and cocaine they all make you feel good.

Person high on endorphins is more concentrated and performs better in school and during life's learning cycles, there are no negative distractions and attention is concentrated with laser precision.

Mental performance of a physically active person is enhanced not only because of new neuron production but also by pushing out negative thought out of the brain through exercise.

Another important type of exercise is a relaxation exercise. Now it might sound like an oxymoron, but it actually servers a very powerful function. Deep relaxation exercise has been shown to produce very similar effects to fitness exercise, both improve brain function and make the brain produce new brain cells.

So remember that to achieve good ultimate brain health you need to do regular brain exercises in combination with physical exercise routines.