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Brain Aging Study

Brain Aging Study

People can lose their memory as time passes. We forget certain things, but some of these information we retain in our long-term memory. This is the reality of the aging brain. As our brain ages, we experience memory loss because our working brain receives tons and tons of information a day.

According to experts, the human brain can store information of up to 11 million books; however, we don’t use our brain up to that capacity. Our brain age depends on how much we use it.

Perhaps, philosophers and thinkers have older brain ages than their own age because they use their brains to come up with what they can write and they spend a lot of time everyday reading and analyzing things.

Keeping yourself abreast to millions of information everyday keeps you brain processing and adding more and more information to your brain’s database. Although we don’t realize it, everything we see, feel, hear, or smell, gets stored in our memory.

Short term memory allows us to store this information temporarily until we choose to disregard it and forget about it completely. Our short term memory can recall information from certain conversations, phone calls, sign boards, and simply things which are not too relevant to us although this information sent signals to our brains and our brains processed them as well.

Brain aging study shows that our mind needs to be exercised to stay alert and sharp. Puzzles and other form of mind games can be a great help to exercise the brain.

Brain exercising can be fun through different mind games available such as Brain Age, which offers various fun mind games developed especially for the brain’s needs. Its creator Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, gives a person a chance not just to play but to make your brain alert.

The brain’s function differs from person to person. And its ability to stay sharp and attentive varies form different age groups. Usually, the working brain decreases its ability such as to forget reminding a person to do a certain thing. Some people may even suffer from memory short term to severe loss of memory disease when aging.

Brain aging study is done all over the world to observe how the human brain loses it virility and becomes dull. Sometimes, it can be hard for people to remember certain things. Older people have this sickness of easily forgetting things because their brain has already aged with time, and they have used their brains repetitively in the past that some functions have already started to deteriorate.

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease tend to undergo a brain aging study in order for the doctors to also conclude whether the disease can still be cured or not. Along with treating Alzheimer’s, doctors also look at the extent of memory the person still has because Alzheimer’s kills short term memory and sometimes all of a person’s memory as well.

Thanks to the different brain imaging studies, neurologists are able to sense why people who get old tend to have a poor memory. Those aging people who suffer from memory loss disease need medical approach. But, as early as their young age, people can keep their mind working to stay healthy.