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Brain Damage Case Study

Human brain is a delicate organ that is why it is being protected by the skull. Not only the brain is delicate but likewise vital to make a person live a normal life.

Speech, learning, and the rest of the body organs’ functions are all attached to the brain. On the other hand, even if the skull is doing its job, brain damage still happens in some cases.

Different factors and human activities are some of the cause of brain injury. Some suffer from this due to accident or due to side effects of strong medicine.

Brain injury symptoms can be felt most of the time. Common guidelines are usually given by doctors to prevent these brain injuries such as brain stroke.

Brain Damage Case Study focuses on the causes of brain damage such as human activities like for example, boxing. Every detail is taken into account and see how they become possible cause of brain damage. Human activities are not the only ground for brain damage.

Physiological issues like high blood can also lead to this threat. Stroke brain stem is one of the brain injuries that can threaten human life.

Physiological threats should not be ignored as it can lead to even worse threat. Chronic high blood pressure for instance can lead to hemorrhagic stroke, a brain injury characterized by bleeding in the brain.

Brain studies try their best to come up with guidelines that can be easily understood by laymen so that they could take care of their health, thus taking care of their brains too.

There have been recent breakthroughs for persons who have experienced recent brain damage due to a brain stroke or hemorrhagic stroke or other brain injury symptoms. Through a brain damage case study, it was found that brain injury symptoms depend on the situation where the brain was damaged.

They could stem from the eye faculties, such as one pupil not having the same size as the other, or the speech faculty, having slurred speech and sometimes, brain damage manifests through abnormal movement and absence of coordination among body movements.

Brain damage can be caused by almost anything, from an accident or from vigorous activities wherein the head was severely traumatized which lead to internal bleeding and severe brain stroke. Brain stem damage can be acquired through certain illnesses and treatments.

Some treatments, including chemotherapy, can somehow damage neural cells. Brain stroke can be very dangerous and detrimental. Hardly anyone has survived this and those who have has had an almost 50-50 chance of survival.

Some brain injuries may lead to permanent damage, thus, a form of therapy is employed by treatment physicians to help the patient get back on track.

The therapy includes relearning memory skills, testing the attention span of the patient, and other psychomotor skills which have been affected due to the brain damage that caused them. Surviving from brain damage, many patients have improved in their cognitive abilities, however, chances of them getting another brain stroke is high and therefore, stress to the brain should be lessened.