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Consciousness Studies

The journal of consciousness studies or JCS is an academic journal containing the writings, works, and studies of various writers, researchers, scientists and, experts in the field of human consciousness and its highly diversified aspects.

Unlike other academic journals for consciousness studies, the collection of studies in JCS is easier to understand and does not contain so much technical or medical jargons. Thus even ordinary people can appreciate and understand the discussion and teachings in each paper.

Moreover, JCS encompasses other fields so long as they tackle consciousness. It is not limited to psychology alone. It also covers philosophy, humanities, religion, spirituality, neurophysiology as well as other social and natural sciences.

On top of JCS, there are many other consciousness studies that are available in various open sources of research and information as well as published books and materials. Likewise, there are consciousness studies online that can be downloaded, some for free and some for a fee.

Consciousness studies are useful to psychologists, therapists, scientists, teachers and, even individuals who are fascinated with knowing how to enhance the level of their consciousness and attain an altered or a higher state of consciousness.

There are also courses on consciousness, which educate people on the various aspects of consciousness such as sensation, mental and, spiritual. Consciousness after all does not only refers to awareness, knowing one’s true nature of consciousness often leads to the discovery of one’s essence in the scheme of things in the universe or among God’s creations. It does need a genius or a highly superior being to attain this, anyone who is committed can reach an altered state of consciousness.

Consciousness studies involve certain branches of science such as psychology, neuroscience studies, and all aspects of consciousness such as thoughts, moods, perception of ideas and things, dreams and the subconscious, and the awareness of self.

These studies deal with the levels of consciousness and the different aspects of the human mind. The levels of consciousness are what determine what happens in the state that the human mind is operating on. These levels are the conscious level, preconscious level, and the unconscious level.

They are related to the id, ego, and superego in Freud’s theory of the three levels of human consciousness as well as the three divisions of the mind.

Psychologists and psychology educators have come up with consciousness studies as a subject taught in universities and online course schools as a requisite in psychology degrees. This subject tackles most topics about how the mind works and an overall treatment of the conscious mind and its tendencies and other conditions.

It also delves into the disorders and failures of the human mind, which leads to serious mental disorders. Sometimes, the conscious mind becomes clouded by all kinds of thoughts and there is a possibility that it cannot sustain the right balance of consciousness.

There are numerous sources for consciousness studies online which provide online electronic books for free, which offer information and resources including essays, cross references, and other compositions which are written for consciousness studies materials. Consciousness studies journals include information on the branches of psychology related to the human mind, psychological implications of human consciousness, quantum consciousness, and neuro=scientific theories