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Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness as its name suggests is an understanding of the cosmos or the universe, the life and order of the universe in particular. As opposed to cosmic unconsciousness that is which is lack of understanding or knowledge of the cosmos.

To explore the definition further, Cosmic consciousness is being aware of the universe where everything exists. It is being aware that we are just one mere being and we are interconnected to others like us or unlike us.

Cosmic consciousness can also mean transcending from the physical consciousness of the body, and exploring the depths of one’s mind. It is achieved thru intense meditation that sometimes, can lift the soul up into a state of higher consciousness. Sometimes, creativity and cosmic consciousness and cosmic unconsciousness are coupled up to create a wide imagination of things and this enables a person to transcend pain, failure, and even sickness.

The term or phrase was coined by Canadian psychologist Dr. Richard M. Bucke in his book Cosmic Consciousness. According to him, some of the individuals who have gained cosmic consciousness, who are also called ‘enlightened’ ones, include Jesus Christ, apostle Paul, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, philosopher Dante, his friend novelist Walt Whitman among others. Bucke himself attained cosmic consciousness.

According to Bucke, the realities of the consciousness of everything in the universe and the moral nature of man. His famous book Cosmic Consciousness talks about the study of modern human consciousness studies that involved the mystics.

Bucke’s Cosmic Consciousness explains that there are three stages in the development of consciousness. The first one is the consciousness of animals, then the consciousness of humanity, and furthermore, the third is cosmic consciousness, which encompasses an awareness of everything in the universe. After Bucke’s cosmic consciousness though, he figured in an accident and died.

In studying the lives and works of people who have attained cosmic consciousness, Bucke discovered similarities or common characteristics among them such as intellectual illumination, intuitive understanding, elevated moral stature, sense of immortality, loss of sense of sin, no fear of death, and definite moment of transformation.

Creativity and cosmic consciousness are also closely linked. People who have attained cosmic consciousness are highly creative. They have what is also called as creative intelligence. In fact, more and more human beings possessing cosmic consciousness are appearing and their teachings help in bringing about a positive change in the universe or this planet.

According to Bucke, in the course of a human life, there are three levels or forms of consciousness: simple or instinctive consciousness, self-consciousness or awareness, and cosmic consciousness.

As people become interested to know about the purpose of their existence and how they figure in the great scheme of things, there has been a renewed interest on cosmic consciousness. An increasing number of people are in fact enrolling in a course in cosmic consciousness to tap into higher planes of consciousness.

There are numerous sources on the web on programs which offer a course in cosmic consciousness. It offers people who will avail step by step guides on learning how to use one’s cosmic consciousness to create change and enhance productivity in all aspects of life. The course in cosmic consciousness aims to improve the person’s awareness and interconnectivity to everything around him or her.