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I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

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I messed up, can you erase my stats to start over?

Unfortunately this option is not available. Once you complete the 70 day work out you will see a great improvement in your brain performance statistics and that day will be barely visible. It will be only 1 day out of 70 days of exercises.

Question: Ok, so I'm here! What's next?

Question: Where am I? What is this place?

You are at the authority site for brain training, this is the first 100% free service for training your brain and tracking your results as you progress through the training. For additional details please refer to the "about us" section.

Question: What about all the other quizes and puzzles that are out there? Are they not effective?

There are only a handful of mental exercises that have proven to show actual results thought scientific experiments. While solving other complicated problems and puzzles might "fire up" certain parts of the brain, they are not as effective as the exercises presented on this web-site. A good example would be a comparison of a brain that is solving a long mathematical problem and a brain that is solving several small problems: Brain that is solving several small problems is activated far greater then the brain that is solving a long mathematical problem.

Question:Why do you only have 2 brain training exercises on the site?

We selected only the 2 brain training exercises that have demonstrated concrete results and discarded all of the other ones which are still untested, this reduces the clutter of applications and provides you with the most effective mental exercises

Question: How do I ever thank you for such a great free service?

Your continued investement into your brain power is better then any "thank you!", but if you wish you may also leave a comment in the "Testimonials" page and tell your friend about this site. Comment: To leave a testimonial go to the Testimonials page and fill up the form at the bottom of the page.