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Improving Memory

Simple Brain Trainings to Enhance the Memory

It has been said that the brain is known for its great powers and ability to preserve and restore any kind of information which is also known as the memory, so long your brain is healthy and well-used.

This amazing and unparalleled skill of the human brain is one of the great aspects that separate us from other living creatures. However, as a person gets old, her or his ability to remember simple and everyday things lag as well.

There is a conclusive study which argues that the age of a person can absolutely affect one’s memory. In the present time wherein many supplements and drug-enhancing memory are emerging in the market, people are still continuously looking for something to help them how to slow the process of aging; which in doing so, they will also be able to maintain the normal activity of their brain.

Good thing is that there are actually a lot of brain trainings that you can do to improve and to keep your memory so you could stop worrying about forgetting your car keys or your important appointments.

The key here is exercising the perfect and yet simple kind of brain training that is proven to be very effective by science. It is very important that you keep using your brain otherwise it will just waste away. You have to remember that the more you make use of your brain the more that it will become more useful and stronger.

Remember that improving memory does not have to be long and boring, you can use fun techniques like mnemonics (remembering the first letters of long abbreviations and then making a phrase out of them.

A good example is how students in college improve their capacity to remember formulas by using mnemonics is the phrase "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally", which is derived from the abbreviation PEMDAS "Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction".

As you can see this type of memory improvement is actually fun to perform and forces your mind to work in a pleasent way.

One of the simplest brain training that will improve your memory is to gain knowledge of latest things. If you‘re always been fascinated with languages, well, maybe it is time for you to learn Spanish or French.

This way, your brain is fired up and will constantly be in motion. Singing is another way to keep your memory alive and it will also help you come up with ideas how to solve different problems. It is because rhyme and musical tunes are the two most recognizable aspects or patters that help people to memorize things.

Solving crossword puzzles is also one of the trainings that are great for brain. This method is not only very entertaining; it will also hone and sharpen your memory through the efforts that you exert in thinking very critically.

One of the surprising brain training techniques that will boost your memory further is by using your left hand for either writing or drawing. Drawing pictures through the help of your less active other hand is said to be very effective in enhancing the human memory.

Being highly creative is another way to maintain your memory to its normalcy. You can imagine as many absurd things as you can then incorporate them to your everyday activity. Say for instance, if you are a kind of person who is very fond of cooking and preparing food for your family, you can try being creative when it comes to cooking food for them. Your imagination is the only factor that could limit your creativity.

Bottom line here is, you should always be active. Being old does not necessarily mean that you will stop being active. Being in that situation should rather keep you at all times in your feet and keep kicking because that’s the only best way to keep your memory intact and working in its full capacity.