I've been solving riddles, doing crosswards, memorizing my shopping list (by the way I was already using the technique described in your articles page), but it always seemed like a brain training mess, because I would be doing the exercises when I wanted and finish them whenever I pleased. Of course I knew that it's good for me because I read about positive results on the internet, but it was just too disorganized for anyone to do. When I found this web-site I had goose bumps running down my back, "finally i found it!" i thought in my head, web-site where like-minded people get together to improve their cognitive functions in an organized way, without having to pay a hefty fee just to give it a test drive. You got yourself a life time subscriber, bravo!

- Mark Sokolski

Brain training is something that I have been lacking for a long time. I'm only 26, but I could feel that my brain was lacking training because it was hard for me to recall names and faces and I knew I had to do something about it! After following this web-sites exercise program my brain power has increased 300%, I really noticed a difference tonight when I was driving home from Downtown from a friend's party, I usually have a hard time navigating in the city, but tonight I closed my eyes and tried to picture the path to get to the highway. This is when my brain training kicked in, because I could vividly picture the way as if it was in a movie and that has never happened to me before, I was finally able to memorize and quickly recall the road. I'm very exited and want to thank you again! Can't wait to improve my score and push my brain training even further!

- Maria Lavallee

Brain training has become like a daily pill for me, if I do not do it I just feel terrible. Thank you for creating this wonderful web-site, I feel very clear headed and hope I will continue to feel the same way thanks to your brain training exercises!

- Martin Benninger

It was a great feeling to be finally able to remember the names of the actors first, now all my girlfriends ask me for things that they do not remember and I know that it is because I perform the brain exercises on the site as much as possible and if I skip a day I keep on going, suddenly getting old is not such no scary and I look forward to many more years of this wonderful experience.

- Mary Brown

Thank you, thank you! I feel much sharper in my everyday experiences i must admit that the first couple of months have been a bit hard to adapt, all of this brain training took a little bit of getting used to probably because I was rediscovering the new me, it was a little bit like taking a dip inside my mind, because at first it was a little bit hard to express myself verbally, but after sometime has passed I feel like my brain is rejuvenated and my conversations carry on more energy and vigor, you've done an excellent service i am recommending you to all my friends and relatives, thank you!

- Robert Hawkins

It could be because of all the brain training that I convinced myself that I am now the sharpest pencil in the box compared to my friends, but it could also be that this stuff is actually working. It really does not matter what is the cause of this new found joy, but as long as I have the effect it's fine. Two thumbs up!

- Phillip Jankinson

For 2 months my son was telling me that I HAVE to join this site and that if I didn't he would somehow find out. Anyways I'm glad he finally convinced me to do it, the brain training is now part of my overall health watch, 2 miles of walking everyday, positive thinking good eating habits and now this, it is almost like a protective dome against aging, I just wish they would have made this research prior to 2000, but I guess it's never to late to start taking care of myself.

- Robert Nelson

2 + 5, 7 - 4 etc... you have got to be kidding me, or at least that's what I thought. I never imagined that brain training can be so easy and so much fun at the same time. Everytime I finish my set of exercises I eagirly await to see how my results for that day, if I notice that my brain training performance is lacking I usually find a good reason for it, too much TV or not enough sugar in my blood but it's rare that it happens, my results are only improving and not only on the web-site, I am now more confident when I drive and I feel more alert to the surroundings at to the environment in general, great stuff!

- Darlene Guetta

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